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The Challenge:

Today, every industry deals with copious amounts of raw data on an ongoing, daily basis. Sensitive data can come in many forms: employee records, confidential sales quotes, PHI, PII, payment data, company intellectual property, and design documents – all of which constantly exchange hands through internal and external communication. With data traveling via so many channels, both on and off network, organizations face a nearly insurmountable wall of how to ensure that documents only travel via secured methods and end up in the hands of those employees that should have access to them.

As technology and communication evolves, so do the variables in how that data can be either accidentally lost or deliberately stolen – and no modern industry is immune to that insider threat.

The innerActiv Solution:

innerActiv provides a highly customizable method for tracking your sensitive data, whatever it may be, regardless of whether it is travelling on-network or off-network. In addition, innerActiv gives you the ability to track exactly who is viewing or altering your data and how it is handled once it is residing on your endpoints, a realm that is off-limits to many security tools.

innerActiv also provides our Sensitive Data Crawler, which will scan your endpoint and file share contents to locate and report where your data may have moved over time. Because our crawler can scan the contents of documents themselves, this tool allows you to be aware not only if a document has been duplicated or relocated, but also if a portion of data may have been removed from its original source or reformatted.

innerActiv, with its endpoint visibility, has the ability to monitor, audit, and alert on actions taken by all users, regardless of privilege level or where the activity takes place. innerActiv, unlike network-based security systems, can monitor activity on internal desktops or laptops, traveling laptops, remote access desktops, and servers or file shares. Alerts can be placed on privileged access concerns like file tampering, unauthorized server access, remote access activities, or data removal. In addition, our system allows you to be aware of which employees are using privileged account login passwords, what they’re logging in to, and can alert you instantly when privileged access violations have taken place. The end result is a multi-facetted and all-encompassing suite, geared towards protecting your data’s security from all sides. With innerActiv, you’re always in the loop when it comes to your organization’s data security.

Examples of data that innerActiv can provide are:

  • Who is viewing sensitive data on their endpoint that they should not have permission to see
  • If data is copied from a confidential document and pasted into another format
  • How many copies of a sensitive document exist and who has ownership of them
  • Has a sensitive file been modified or renamed to disguise its contents
  • When and why documents are moved to external sources via email, Dropbox, or removable media
  • When and where internal documents are printed, even if the printer is not company-owned or is off-network
  • When sensitive documents or reports are exported from SAP

Regardless of what threats your organization may face, innerActiv’s highly configurable monitoring options can ensure you are continuously aware of any risk you may be facing, large or small. Our software has been built from the ground up to monitor more areas of your endpoints and provide more information about activity taking place at your endpoints than similar systems. When it comes to reviewing alerts, we provide a simple, visual interface that will provide all your need-to-know statistics in one location, including screen captures of the event as it took place. By utilizing our complete monitoring of your data’s endpoints, every area of your system remains tight and secure.

In addition to continuous incident management, innerActiv also provides timeline and trending information for your event categories, allowing administrators to quickly investigate and address ongoing issues or newly developing trends. Our unique Dossier view and Case File systems allow tracking of individual user statistics and the creation of files for forensic or review purposes. With our Sensitive Data Crawler and Global Dashboard, innerActiv makes sure you’re always aware of where your threats lie and where your risk exists before anyone on the outside.

With a complete arsenal of innovative security tools, innerActiv is the most comprehensive system for tracking your organization’s sensitive data at all times.

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OnGuard Systems, developer of innerActiv, was founded in 2009 by Jim Mazotas with the primary goal of protecting organizations’ endpoints against the rising risk of insider threat and accidental data leakage.

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