Company NewsInsider Threat Management 2021 is Here – Do You Need Help With Your Insider Threat Program?

January 21, 2021

As we quickly move toward the 4th week of 2021, it may become obvious which resolutions are actually going to see the light of day.

While many organizations have made plans for formalizing (or maybe just thinking about) their insider threat program in 2021, most have difficulties deciding where to start. Many more have difficulty keeping things running with limited IT staff or budget. In fact, statistics show that almost 60% of organizations are entering 2021 with no insider threat prevention measures in place. In addition, the work-at-home challenges brought on by 2020 are complicating security issues and quickly changing the infrastructure of the business.

This is exactly why innerActiv has partnered with Mandiant and FireEye as part of Mandiant’s Insider Threat Security Services. This service provides you access to Mandiant’s industry-leading security knowledge and innerActiv’s insider threat expertise to allow your organization to formulate a custom insider threat plan and maintain it going forward.

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