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The Data Challenge:

A data security breach can affect any organization, but perhaps more than any other industry, in manufacturing every detail is critical. After all, one insecure document could make the organization’s new innovation public property, one compromised endpoint could bring efficiency to its knees, and one leaked sales quote could lose a record-breaking contract. Unfortunately, such data security breaches – whether the work of a corporate espionage or the result of lax compliance regulations – have become all too common in the modern workplace. When this many factors come into play, network-level scanners and perimeter-based security may not be enough to give you the protection and answers required.

innerActiv is specifically designed to not only tackle these crucial security issues, but also handle the increasing volume of your organization’s needs.

The innerActiv Manufacturing Solution:   

innerActiv has the unique ability to provide holistic monitoring and protection to each endpoint in your system regardless of whether it functions on the manufacturing floor or an executive office. By targeting the endpoints, our software is specifically designed to have your organization covered in every key area, providing the most accurate and comprehensive security across the board. Once innerActiv is configured to your specific compliance regulations (a particular area of security vulnerability in the manufacturing industry), it will alert and report on any violation of those policies. Not only can you see exactly which policy was violated, our quick investigation tools can tell you when, where, how, and why the violation occurred so you can tackle the root of the issue.

With innerActiv’s unique data security tools, not only can data be protected as it is created, accessed, and stored, but the performance of these systems can also be monitored for issues that could affect efficiency or pose a danger to the system’s infrastructure. By utilizing our Infrastructure monitoring, abnormal endpoint behaviors can be identified and alerted including suspicious network connections being made by applications, restricted processes being run, or abnormal resource consumption. In addition, process controls and easily be put in place to require certain processes to run and restrict others from ever launching, increasing both your productivity and peace of mind.

innerActiv can help your organization:

  • Locate and track sensitive design documents or intellectual property that may be residing in insecure locations
  • Be aware how many copies of a sensitive price sheet or contract exist and know who is in ownership of them
  • Be alerted if a user logs into a web-based application with user credentials that are not their own
  • Know when documents are being transferred to removable drives or services like Dropbox
  • Gain the most in-depth productivity metrics available to diagnose endpoint efficiency issues
  • Stop unauthorized processes from ever running on an endpoint and ensure that mission-critical processes remain running at all times

Let innerActiv’s innovative security features truly work for you, not only providing the comprehensive internal monitoring solutions to successfully locate pre-existing compliance breaches and other insidious forms of internal threats, but also in educating you and your team how to properly move forward in averting such potential dangers in the future.

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OnGuard Systems, developer of innerActiv, was founded in 2009 by Jim Mazotas with the primary goal of protecting organizations’ endpoints against the rising risk of insider threat and accidental data leakage.

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