Insider Threat Management Is My Employer “Spying” on Me?

April 7, 2020

Never in our years of business have we had an organization come to us and say, “I want to be able to spy on my employees.”

Why? Because employers and IT teams are concerned about the well-being of the organization itself, not the personal lives of its users. As a matter of fact, we’ve found organizations go out of their way to protect their employees’ privacy and do everything they can to avoid “spying” on users. That type of collection leads only to legal complications, compliance breaches, and a lack of employee trust.

What we do hear organizations say when they contact us:

– I need to protect our company data from accidental leaks.
– I don’t know how or even if my users handle sensitive customer information
– I don’t know if I staying compliant when my users go off-network
– I have no way to secure my workflow
and occasionally,
– I think there is violence or harassment taking place here

In today’s world, employees and organizational data are the two business assets that are constantly linked. Secure and cognizant employees lead to secure and well-controlled data. In order to protect the business, both data and employees must be protected from loss, damage, and threats. These threats come in many forms, including accidental data breaches (our most frequently discovered threat), unsecured workflow, unsecured data storage, or workplace harassment. Business leaders realize that these threats, along with others, could lead to an organization’s loss of critical data, costly breach remediation, damage to their employees, and loss of customer-base or reputation in their industry. Not coincidentally, most of these incidents also originate from the endpoint and, more specifically, from the endpoint user’s interaction with sensitive data.

This is exactly why innerActiv was created, to protect organizational assets including data, employees, and reputation.