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The Challenge:

As experts in the data security field working with numerous clients and colleagues, our team at innerActiv often hears the same organizational problem: “Our company has so many tools, but I still can’t get the answers I need.” In the race to protect data and machines, many organizations will incorporate dozens of tools, each doing a different job and each giving visibility to only a portion of the environment. In many cases, these protections are perimeter-based and, while they may provide excellent network protection, their visibility stops when the endpoint is reached and the endpoint, of course, is where the activity was actually generated. Evolving technology and the rapid growth of businesses and organizations have increased the needs of “endpoint security.”

Unfortunately, it is largely found that the most common “root cause” for large-scale data breach are due to human error. But, of course, that can take many forms. Aside from improper security training for all of an organizations’ team members, high privileged account members (specifically those working offsite), lack of proper monitoring for compliance regulations, and an overall insufficient defense against lost data can all add up to threats of dangerous proportions. Misconfigurations and omissions within a data web are also contributing factors, as an omission may have been a standard security procedure or configuration that was believed to have been installed and utilized as ongoing protocol but was not.

When it comes to compliance regulations, properly monitoring your own team’s compliance practices can become an overwhelming, fulltime task. In an effort to find a quick-fix, many organizations make the dire mistake of compromising their regulation monitoring, focusing on specific areas, while allowing an insider threat to reach alarming heights within other departments. And there is also the growing trend of team members working from home, or “offsite.” While that option has become increasingly popular due to cutting on office space overhead and overall organizational morale, it can pose major compromises when it comes to data security and internal threats regarding compliance policies. With each of those variables in place, the room for human error within your organization steadily increases.

Human error is a factor which can be more easily overcome with the proper training and monitoring, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. This is where innerActiv steps in.

The innerActiv Solution:

Unlike many products in our industry, innerActiv has devoted time to developing specific tools to let you instantly view complete timelines, filters, and targeted views, exactly how and when a possible security data breach occurred, and any contextual events surrounding it (even from other machines). No area of where a data breach could potentially occur has been left out of our monitoring scope, and our full security suite provides you the answers to the questions you need. Combined with fully customizable screen captures of events, application usage, or periodic usage, you will be able to see exactly what happened and how it was generated. Due to innerActiv’s emphasis on endpoint monitoring, you’ll always know the root cause of a potential data security breach, educating you and your team for better preventive measures in the future. Should a questionable event need further investigation, simply create a case file in our system to keep all pertinent data in one location for one-click retrieval and have the control to assess accountability.

If malicious activity is taking place on an endpoint, often the behavior of the machine itself or operating system will be impacted. By utilizing our Infrastructure monitoring feature, abnormal endpoint behaviors can be identified and alerted including suspicious network connections being made by applications, restricted processes being run, or abnormal resource consumption. In addition, process controls and easily be put in place to require certain processes to run and restrict others from ever launching.

innerActiv has been developed to address every modern-day security needs, protecting your endpoints and your data more effectively than other retro-fit solutions. By targeting the endpoints, our software is specifically designed to have your organization covered in every key area, providing the most accurate and comprehensive security across the board.

In addition, the full innerActiv suite is aligned with multiple features that not only work to completely offer full monitoring solutions, but also consolidate the gathered intelligence and provide you with complete customization and control.

Let innerActiv’s innovative security features truly work for you, not only providing the comprehensive internal monitoring solutions to successfully locate preexisting compliance breaches and instances of malicious corporate data theft, but also in educating you and your team how to properly move forward in averting such internal compliance issues in the future.

innerView Employee Monitoring, Data Loss Protection DPL Insider Threat Management

OnGuard Systems, developer of innerActiv, was founded in 2009 by Jim Mazotas with the primary goal of protecting organizations’ endpoints against the rising risk of insider threat and accidental data leakage.

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