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protecting your data

Would you know if your data or organization were being put at risk by the actions of your users?

The fact is that most organizations relying strictly on traditional DLP tools, firewalls, and web filters have a dangerous gap in security.

innerActiv has created a solution that will close your endpoint security gaps by providing innovative and insightful monitoring and analysis of actions happening where other software’s visibility ends. Our policies and investigation move with your workflow, following your employees and your data both on and off-network and protecting your most valuable assets against loss or legal damage. View behavioral trends, compliance statistics, forensic data, user activity metrics, and more in one location, correlated and prioritized in real-time.

Facts to Know in 2020


Insider Breaches Daily in the US

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Overall Cost of Insider Breach

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Rise in Insider Cases in only 2 Years

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Insider Incidents Caused by Negligence

innerView Employee Monitoring, Data Loss Protection DPL Insider Threat Management
Learn how innerActiv’s four core areas of monitoring give you better protection
Protect your organization’s reputation and assets from malicious or accidental insider damages
Go beyond traditional DLP with innerActiv’s continuous monitoring
Know what your highly privileged users are accessing and ensure your data is handled safely

Why endpoint protection?

Stop to Consider…
Everything that happens in your organization begins and ends with an endpoint device and user. That includes everything that goes right and everything that goes wrong. When data is leaked, malicious processes executed, confidential files duplicated, resources used – all of it happens on endpoints. Most security software can’t see these actions.

By utilizing innerActiv’s lightweight endpoint client on your devices, we can provide a new layer of insight and protection to activity as it occurs, regardless of whether the endpoint is onsite, off-network, or on the other side of the world. By combining iA’s data protection with one-of-a-kind user behavioral analysis and activity metrics, you can gain new insight into evolving or existing threats.

We will help your organization

  • Secure priceless company secrets or protected customer data
  • Combat the insider threat
  • View data and user behavioral trends that cause risk
  • Continuously monitor how your sensitive data is being used both on and off-network
  • Identify compliance gaps and define solutions
  • Create a safe, open, and secure company culture for your employees
  • Know exactly what processes are running on any endpoint in the system and why
  • Facilitate work-at-home programs while remaining secure

What is at Risk

Confidential data intellectual property | Company reputation | System disruption | Current and/or future revenue | Customer trust and loyalty
innerView Employee Monitoring, Data Loss Protection DPL Insider Threat Management

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OnGuard Systems, developer of innerActiv, was founded in 2009 by Jim Mazotas with the primary goal of protecting organizations’ endpoints against the rising risk of insider threat and accidental data leakage.

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