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A major emphasis within the innerActiv data security suite is its focus on the monitoring of compliance regulations. Although every organization has reason for concern regarding lapses in compliance policies and potential internal threat, it isn’t just an institution’s primary body of employees and staff that can be susceptible in becoming the cause of risk. One major challenge still remains in nearly every organization: mitigating risk from the privileged user.

Whether it is a network administrator, C-level staff, or incident response leader, certain users must have privileged or extended access to the infrastructure and the data it contains in order to complete their responsibilities. Inherently, every organization faces the problem of data allocation, having to make both the crucial decision which team members should be given access to specific information and pathways, while also dealing with the compromise of keeping each data sharing scenario safe and secure. There are also numerous reasons that any organization should be making monitoring of their high privileged users a mandatory practice. By definition, comprehensive data breach security should always be inclusive of all users – especially those with the greatest access and number of protocols. Possible security and forensic auditing that may one day be necessary is also made easier when every member of an organization’s team is accounted for. And there is always the principle issue: keeping regulatory compliance in check is at its most beneficial when no team members – particularly those with the high privileges – are excluded.

The larger the institution and number of high privileged account members, the tougher that managerial decision becomes. Trust should never have to become a factor, but neither should the possibility of negligence leading to lapses in compliance regulations. This risk escalates when, as is often the case, administrator or superuser passwords are shared amongst multiple teams or not frequently changed. In our modern business environment, mobile devices have also become a standard practice, not only among personal use among employees, but as part of daily use for regular protocol procedures. Many tools originally developed to improve the work productivity and employee work-life balance have inadvertently become major gateways towards potential insider threats, as well. Aside from infecting an organization’s system with malware, personal devices such as cell phones and tablets facilitate copying of company data. When an employee decides to quit, copies of company data often stay on these devices, leading to dangerous levels of undetectable data loss.

innerActiv, with its endpoint visibility, has the ability to monitor, audit, and alert on actions taken by all users, regardless of privilege level or where the activity takes place. innerActiv, unlike network-based security systems, can monitor activity on internal desktops or laptops, traveling laptops, remote access desktops, and servers or file shares. Alerts can be placed on privileged access concerns like file tampering, unauthorized server access, remote access activities, or data removal. In addition, our system allows you to be aware of which employees are using privileged account login passwords, what they’re logging in to, and can alert you instantly when privileged access violations have taken place. The end result is a multi-facetted and all-encompassing suite, geared towards protecting your data’s security from all sides. With innerActiv, you’re always in the loop when it comes to your organization’s data security.

The question remains, who is watching the watcher? With the configurable roles within the innerActiv Administrator Console, each user can have varying privileges including what data they can view, sensitive data access, and what settings can be changed. You have full control over who holds the degree of privilege within a given site area, with no loss of your own abilities to monitor to full capacity. To provide checks and balances, our Auditor view provides authorized users the ability to view the activity of other administrators within the console itself, ensuring that unauthorized changes aren’t taking place from any member of the security team, always guaranteeing that you have the final say on your data’s complete security. Whether a data security breach is happening intentionally or taking place due to an incidental lapse in compliance regulation, you’ll have full intelligence about any potential internal threat immediately.

Although privileged user monitoring continues to pose a challenge to data protection, innerActiv can help you ensure these users are handling your data safely and using privileges responsibly.

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