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The Data Challenge:

Every day, we continuously provide our personal information to various companies and organizations. Although there may be creative routes to circumvent revealing those details to institutions within the private sector, it is often mandatory to disclose our most personal details to our healthcare or insurance providers. That information can include financial records, health records, and social security information, all of which become valuable data to that (supposedly) trusted establishment. On the receiving end, healthcare organizations then face what is, perhaps, one of the largest challenges in data protection and compliance.

Healthcare providers and vendors handle some of the most delicate of society’s information including PHI (Protected Health Information), PII (Personally Identifiable Information), payment or financial information, and insurance information. This information is required to be contained and managed in accordance with standards dictated by US Health and Human Services regulatory agencies. However, most mainstream privacy protection can still be penetrated or become susceptible to theft and loss. When you give your personal details to those institutions (or, if you are on the receiving end as a healthcare institution), there should never be any doubt as to the safety and security of the information itself.

In addition, many of these organizations become responsible for housing confidential research, prescription drug information, and possibly M&A documents. Due to the demand for rapid information turnaround, this data must remain instantly available to any number of locations and devices including cloud services, unsecured medical devices, and offsite computers – all of which are largely susceptible to compromises when it comes to comprehensive and accurate data security.

It is no surprise that these circumstances, among others, have created a perfect storm for data loss in the industry. A recent Ponemon Institute study reveals that 94% of healthcare organizations had at least one data breach in the last 2 years, 45% of those organizations had 5 or more breaches, and 54% of healthcare organizations say that they lack confidence in their ability to detect a data breach at all. Also not surprising in this state of affairs is that human error or employee negligence are cited as the top reasons for these losses, often due to dangerous lapses in compliance regulations.

innerActiv’s Healthcare Solution:
By utilizing numerous aspects of innerActiv’s monitoring and protection suite, we can boost your data protection and give you visibility into where and how your data travels. innerActiv can:

  • Track all of your compliance initiatives in one place, viewing violations by organization, group, department or single endpoint in order identify specific areas of concern and target your solution
  • Monitor transfers to removable media and cloud services for unsecured sensitive data with the option to automatically encrypt when necessary
  • Alert you when sensitive data is being accessed and viewed by unauthorized personnel (ex: Why are patient records being viewed by the HR department?)
  • Monitor and prevent sensitive information from being communicated via email, chat, IM or other insecure means
  • Protect and monitor laptops even if they are off-network
  • Alert on bulk transfers of documents or abnormal print behavior

Let innerActiv’s innovative security features truly work for you, not only providing the comprehensive internal monitoring solutions to successfully locate preexisting compliance breaches and other insidious forms of internal threats but also in educating you and your team how to properly move forward in averting such potential dangers in the future.

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OnGuard Systems, developer of innerActiv, was founded in 2009 by Jim Mazotas with the primary goal of protecting organizations’ endpoints against the rising risk of insider threat and accidental data leakage.

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