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The Challenge:

Think your data is secure? Think again.

Lost or stolen information is a threat that faces every industry and organization of any size. As technology advances, the various ways in which a data-web can be penetrated continue to evolve. Statistics continue to show that as an institution maximizes its growth potential, so do the vulnerabilities towards its network. This problem is often due to the concurrent increases in both employee numbers and the staggering possibility of human error. While not all data breaches are malicious in nature, lax enforcement of compliance regulations, improper monitoring of team members’ daily activities, and the arduous task of keeping tabs on both high privileged account holders and offsite factions can all amount to a dangerous level of security compromise.

At innerActiv, we know that when it comes to your organization’s data security, there’s no room for compromise.

With over 150,000,000 data breaches reported in 2015, 75% originated within the organization itself – and over half of every organization admits to being ill-prepared should a breach be detected. With statistics like this, it is important to always know exactly what’s at risk. Your organization’s confidential and intellectual property, system integrity, current and future revenue, and overall reputation are non-negotiable elements to running efficiently and productively.

In order to know that your data is always secure, every angle of network monitoring should be in place:

  • Secure priceless company secrets or protected customer data
  • Combat the insider threat
  • Continuously monitor how your sensitive data is used on and off network
  • Identify compliance gaps and define solutions
  • Create a safe, open, and secure company culture for your employees
  • Know exactly what processes are running on any endpoint in the system and why
  • Effectively manager offsite employees or facilitate a work-from-home initiative
  • Encrypt data on the move without complex and faulty algorithm-based methods

It’s time to mitigrate your risk and utilize the one and only all-purpose solution to all your organization’s security needs.

The Solution:

innerActiv addresses all of these concerns by allowing your organization to tailor a monitoring plan to tackle your specific offsite needs whether it’s an entire international office or a client meeting at the coffee shop. With a fully customizable functionality, innerActiv allows protections and monitoring put in place by your organization to remain active whether or not the endpoint is connected to your network or if it’s even connected at all. This ensures that any suspect activity is still noted and compliance policy is still enforced. Should suspect activity be detected, whether malware-related, data loss related, or productivity related, quick steps can be taken to gather data from the endpoint regarding the issue or investigate the cause without any action required by the user.

innerActiv’s highly customizable rules allow for keyword identification in only the locations that concern you most to dramatically reduce false positives and excess noise. Our innerActiv full security suite has been specifically designed to cover every angle of your organization’s potential threat zones, and its unique functionality keeps you in full control.

We’ll alert you immediately if a user copies sensitive data from an application, attempts to print or email sensitive documents, or relocates your data to an unsecured location. With our unique system, you’ll always be in the loop when it comes to your organization’s most important intelligence and data.

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OnGuard Systems, developer of innerActiv, was founded in 2009 by Jim Mazotas with the primary goal of protecting organizations’ endpoints against the rising risk of insider threat and accidental data leakage.

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