Security News Business Insider Reports on How FireEye Is Addressing Insider Threat

February 8, 2021

Business Insider recently spoke to Jon Ford, managing director of FireEye’s Mandiant Professional Services, on the state of insider threat and their newest Insider Threat Security-as-a-Service offering. The launch of this service has allowed innerActiv to work as a part of the FireEye/Manidiant team to investigate and remediate threats for existing and new customers.

Many organizations have found themselves fighting new battles against insider threats with the uncalculated rush into work from home. This has led to employees increasingly working disconnected from the network, their peers, and many security tools that lose function off-network. Not only has this made accidental “leaks” of data more common, but it has also made the job of a malicious data thief much simpler. One reason innerActiv has assisted specifically in these challenging cases is through its ability to monitor, report, and handle threats regardless of whether the user is network, or even internet, connected.

“The work-from-everywhere environment is probably here to stay,” Ford told Business Insider while speaking on the growth of Insider Threat in the last year. “In a big way, organizations realized, ‘What does our workforce look like now and how do we secure the data from a much further network boundary?'”

Another ongoing challenge faced by monitoring and identifying insider risk is from the privileged user, the employee that is authorized and expected to access highly sensitive data. This can leave the door open for nearly undetectable thefts of data or IP from companies both large and small.

“As we have found during our breaches, some of these insiders are at the top levels of the company, they are the ‘watchers of the watchers’ that are supposed to be watching the employees,” Ford said. “And in some cases, it’s not just one person — they are working cooperatively with others within an organization.”

If your organization is facing a potential insider threat, are dealing with work-from-home challenges, or simply need insider threat assessment services, contact innerActiv or Mandiant Insider Threat Security Services for information and details!

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