Company NewsInsider Threat Management Announcing Mandiant Insider Threat Security Services

January 4, 2021

We’re proud to announce that innerActiv has partnered with FireEye and Mandiant to become a part of Mandiant’s Insider Threat Security Services!

These services will provide industry-leading insider risk assessment services to identify active risks and threats, security gaps, and vulnerabilities in your environment, followed by tailored recommendations and action items to address both your current and future needs. Mandiant and innerActiv can also provide ongoing, continuous insider threat protection and assessment to support your organization’s long-term needs, ensuring you always have the latest in risk visibility as well as a 24/7 team of experts on your side.

For more information on how Mandiant and innerActiv can simplify and maximize your insider threat program, contact us, or visit Mandiant’s Insider Threat Security Services for a free datasheet.